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Mares: Here at Hawthorne we have been focusing on equine reproduction for over 30 years. We offer breeding examinations, reproductive ultrasounds, artificial insemination of both cooled and frozen semen, early pregnancy diagnosis, endometritis treatments, post breeding treatments, working with problems mares and embryo transfer and placement. We are specially equip to monitor mares 24 hours a day for foaling watch with our live camera feed and a veterinarian close by to assist in every foaling.

Stallions: We stand several stallions during the breeding season but also take in other stallions for breeding examinations, collecting stallions, shipping cooled and frozen semen, and training stallions to the mount.

Currently standing:

Dale Badon
Jess Got Easier

Foals: At Hawthorne we work to make sure all foals get the best start to life as quickly as possible. Our foaling watch allows us to assist in easier foal delivery, followed by close monitoring to ensure adequate colostrum is obtained. We check passive transfer using IgG on all our foals to ensure they get the best start. We also are trained to help correct limb abnormalities, give colostrum or IgG if needed, work with dummy foals, and help with diarrhea and upper respiratory issues and any other problems that may arise.