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Frequently Asked

What vaccinations does my pet need?

Your pet will need a series of vaccinations to protect them from common illnesses. The exact vaccinations will depend on the type of pet you have, their age, and their lifestyle. Our veterinarians can help you determine which vaccinations your pet needs and create a customized vaccination schedule for them.

What should I do if my pet is injured or sick after hours?

If your pet is injured or sick outside of our regular business hours, please call our emergency line (208 251-8549). We have a veterinarian on call who can advise you on the best course of action and provide emergency care if needed.

How do I care for my pet’s teeth?

Regular dental care is important for your pet’s overall health. We recommend brushing your pet’s teeth regularly, feeding them dental-friendly treats and toys, and bringing them in for regular dental cleanings. Our veterinarians can provide more specific advice based on your pet’s needs.

How often should my horse’s teeth be floated?

Most horses require their teeth to be floated, or filed down, every six months to a year to prevent dental issues and ensure proper chewing and digestion. Your veterinarian can advise you on the appropriate frequency for your horse.

How do I prevent my horse from getting colic?

Colic is a common digestive issue in horses, but there are several preventative measures you can take, such as ensuring access to clean water, feeding a balanced diet, providing ample exercise, and scheduling regular veterinary check-ups.

How can I keep my horse’s hooves healthy?

Proper hoof care is important for a horse’s overall health and performance. Regular hoof trims, maintaining a balanced diet, and providing a clean and dry environment are all important factors in keeping a horse’s hooves healthy.

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